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Welcome to Remerica Hometown III's new website Home

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Things to Know If You're Making an As-Is Offer on a Home

Buying a Home As Is
Buying a house means making all kinds of decisions--and most of them are tough. What should you do if there's a property you love, but it's offered as-is? For many people, alarm bells sound when they hear this stipulation – and that's not unreasonable.

Before you make your choice, be sure you know what you're getting into.

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All the Tips You Need to Know to Keep Your Home in Top Shape 

Summertime Home Maintenance Tips
Summer will be here before you know it. With each new season comes a new list of chores to complete around your home. Here's a checklist of 10 home maintenance tips from our REALTORS® at Remerica Hometown III to get your home looking great for the summer months ahead.

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First-time home buyer's guide

Buying your first home is one of life's biggest joys; however, it can be filled with its share of anxieties too.  Not to worry, our team of real estate agents at Remerica Hometown III have compiled this list of tips to answer any home-buying questions you might have. 

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Tips for Buying a Home You Will Love for the Long Haul

How to find a home you'll love

Relocating isn't something anyone wants to do any more than they absolutely necessary. The best way to ensure you don't find yourself packing up your life and moving into a new home just a short time after your first home purchase is to follow these simple steps our team of REALTORS® has created for you.

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When you are buying a new home, finding the right neighborhood is just as important as your choice of home.

When you are buying a house, in many ways you are also "buying" a neighborhood. From the neighborhood schools to local amenities and commute times, your neighborhood's locale is a major factor in how well a home fills your needs. Yet when you're moving to a new area for the first time, determining what makes a neighborhood a good one is not easy. Here are some tips to help you choose the right neighborhood when you are in the process of buying a home.

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Home Loan Basics

When it comes to buying a home, it's easy to become overwhelmed especially if you're a first-time home buyer. There are so many steps along the way, but today let's focus on one of the most important steps—getting a home loan. For the overwhelming majority of home buyers, securing a mortgage loan is absolutely essential. Here are some home loan basics from our REALTORS® at Remerica Hometown III to get you started:

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Preinspection Selling Home
Many people know about getting a home inspection when you buy a home, but how about getting one before selling your home? You may be asking yourself, Why would I do that? The answer is very simple: You do it because you reveal what may show up in a buyer's home inspection.  It gives you the chance to head it off any issues, or you can give the information freely, giving potential buyers the information they want before their own inspection. After all, most buyers want to know what they're getting into and offering them the full picture up front gives them confidence in you as a seller. 

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Tips for Selling Your Canton MI Home


When you decide to sell a house for the first time, it's important to remember that given the current market, most potential buyers will be very savvy and quite particular about what they're looking for. Since you want to sell the house as quickly and for as much money as possible, you need to be prepared to invest some time and money into prepping it for the competitive Canton real estate market. 

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