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Date Archives: March 2016

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What Home Buyers Want in 2016

Selling a House 2016

Cleaning, organizing, and staging aren't the only steps to take these days when you sell a house. In this fast-paced world, buyers are searching for specific features to lure them into making an offer. Buyers want convenience, and the right amenities. If you're looking to list your home in 2016, here is our list of 10 features buyers want to see.

1. Updated Kitchens and Baths – Most people want modern spaces, but it is especially important for homebuyers in 2016. Rather than the potential of how great a kitchen or bath could be, they want the updates and renovations already incorporated. It lets them spend that money on down payments and furnishings instead of remodels. The key to a good update is choices that appeal to a wide variety of people, even if it's not necessarily your taste.

2. Clean and Healthy Home Systems – Today's buyers are conscious about water and allergens. A whole house water filtration system is a big draw. Other features people like are mudrooms so you can avoid tracking in environmental pollutants, Quartz counters which have antibacterial properties, and flooring and fabrics that don't trap dust and dirt.

3. Open Living Spaces – Both designers and realtors are on board with the open floor plan. When kitchens open into family rooms or living rooms, it holds great appeal. People want family-friendly spaces with plenty of storage. If you make it so the flow includes the outdoors, even better. People want outdoor living spaces to become an extension of their indoor family areas.

4. Softer Palettes and Materials that Soften Stark Modern – Clean, simple, flow, function are all buzzwords in the real estate market. That said, people are trending away from sharp, severe modern. Soften spaces with natural materials, rustic touches, and soft, layered color palettes. It's all about tranquility and a welcoming vibe.

5. Sustainability Features – If you're house is equipped with features that are sustainable and green, buyers will most likely shift it toward the top of their list. Some of the things people are looking for are drought-resistant landscaping, water-saving fixtures, LED lighting, recycled and reclaimed finishes, and energy-efficient heating/cooling systems.

6. Home Office – Telecommuting has become very popular, whether it's done one day per week or all five. A well-planned home office is a big bonus for many buyers.

7. Technology – Can your home control its heat from an app? Does your oven communicate with your phone? Any trendy technology features you can add are a wise investment. Home buyers like smart homes with charging drawers and access points.

8. Low-Maintenance Residences – Time spent on career, playing, and hobbies are the priorities. If a home possesses a large expanse of grass that will require frequent mowing, you may lose out on millennial buyers. Younger homeowners are looking for low-maintenance finishes and selections that will free up their time for their priority endeavors.

9. Luxury Touches – A unique feature becomes a big focal point for home buyers. Offering a couple luxury additions is helpful. Some of the hottest items are outdoor showers, walk-in pantries, or an adult-style tree house.

10. Multi-generational Spaces and Dwellings –The price of todays homes in cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and New York are gasp-worthy—and other cities face the same issue. Prices—along with busier lifestyles—have drawn families back together. Mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, the kids and grandkids, are moving back in together. Homes with MIL spaces or a second dwelling are highly sought after.

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