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Sellers Avoid These 5 Turnoffs When Selling Your Home

5 Things that Sabotage a Home Sale

When you're selling your home there are certain things that will immediately make a home buyer walk away from your home. Our team at Remerica Hometown III has created this list of five pet peeves that can sabotage your home sale.  The good news is most of these are easy to fix without spending a ton of money. 

  1. Odors
    If you have indoor pets, a smoker in the household or the drapes and upholstery have not been cleaned recently, your home may have odors that are not easily noticeable to you. New paint and a thorough cleaning help a lot. If there are stubborn odors on furniture, carpets, or other fabrics, have them professionally cleaned or remove them from the house.

  2. An outdated look
    People don't want to buy a house that smells musty or looks old and used. People appreciate the benefits of new appliances, fixtures, and floor coverings. When buyers start calculating the cost to upgrade your house compared to buying one with modern features, yours becomes less appealing. Consult with your real estate agent about which upgrades provide the best ROI and what incentives may help your home compete with newer houses.

  3. Your personality
    When selling your home, you must think of it as a commodity. You want potential buyers to start visualizing themselves living there. They have a difficult time doing that when you're personal touches are everywhere. They may not be fans of the same college team as you. They may find your hobbies and crafts fascinating, but you aren't selling crafts. Staging homes like a model home really does help them sell.

  4. Clutter
    The sight of a lot of boxes or other stuff in a house for sale instantly triggers stress in potential buyers. They wonder how long it will take to move the stuff out and what defects or pests may be hiding behind that stack of boxes in the corner. Cluttered houses look dark and depressing to buyers. Move as much stuff as possible into storage before placing your home on the market.

  5. Pets
    Your pets enhance the quality of your life in many ways, but they can be a distraction to potential buyers. Make the most of the time buyers spend at your house by keeping their focus on the house and its features. Be sure to clean up any poop piles in the yard that may ruin an otherwise good showing. Also, some people may be afraid of your pets. Crating pets is not the best option. Buyers may rush the viewing because they feel sorry for a pet penned up while they are there.

You also shouldn't be present during showings. Utilize the services of a trusted REALTOR® when selling your home. You want potential buyers to feel relaxed and to experience the house without any problems or anxiety. Try to make showing appointments easy to set. Ask your agent to obtain feedback from showings so you can make some additional improvements if necessary. Contact Remerica Hometown III to buy and sell homes in the Canton, MI real estate area.