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Email Post to a Friend: How to Keep Your Home Sale From Falling Apart

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Home Sale

When you finally get that offer and start to move towards closing, you get excited. As a seller, this is your ultimate goal - to get an offer and finally close on the sale. Yet accepting the offer and getting a contract on the house doesn't mean the sale is official, and there are still things that can go wrong that leave you out to dry. Here are some tips from our local REALTORS® that can help prevent your home sale from falling apart.

  1. Don't Be Unwilling to Negotiate
    Selling a home is all about negotiation, so be willing to negotiate from start to finish. Don't let your emotional attachment to the home get in the way of accepting a reasonable offer. 

  2. Know What the Inspection May Uncover
    You can hide your home's flaws from buyers, but when a buyer gets serious, you will have to allow the home to be inspected. You won't be able to hide problems from the inspector. One way to prevent this problem is to do all you can to ensure the home is in good repair before listing it. If this isn't possible, be willing to provide the buyer with some additional concessions to cover the flaws found on the inspection.

  3. Don't Ignore Contingencies
    If you accepted contingencies with the offer, live up to your agreement. If you don't take care of the repairs requested, the buyer has the legal right to walk away from the sale. Make sure you do the job well, so the buyer can't say you didn't uphold your end of the agreement.

  4. Don't Let the House Go
    After you're in contract, you still need to keep the home in good repair. Your buyer is going to perform a walk-through of the property on the day of the closing. If any serious problems have arisen that weren't there when the offer was made, the buyer has the right to ask for more concessions or walk away from the home. Even if something major and costly breaks between the time you accept the offer and the time of your closing appointment, have it professionally repaired.

  5. Don't Neglect Deadlines
    The home sale process can have many deadlines. Make sure you pay attention to these. If you have a set number of days to accept the home inspection or a counter offer, take the action within those days, or you could lose the sale.

  6. Don't Hide Liens
    Finally, if there are liens against the home that you know of, don't try to hide them from the buyer. They are going to pop up when the title search is performed, and you have to pay off the liens in order to sell the home, unless the buyer is willing to assume them. This will lead to a failed closing if you don't address it early.

At Remerica Hometown III, we want to help you successfully and quickly sell your home. By avoiding these mistakes, you can speed up the process significantly. If you have further questions about what you can do to sell your home quickly, contact us for a consultation.