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Ways to Know It's Time to Sell Your Home

Time to Sell Your Home

Thinking about selling your home? Sometimes, the time is right to make your move. It can be challenging to come to the decision to sell a house you've loved, but it might benefit you in countless ways.

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How Men and Women Differ on Home Buying

When it comes to buying a home, men and women tend to agree on the "big picture" of what they're looking for in a new home: the price, the neighborhood, school district and number of bedrooms.  

However, when it comes to the "details," the line between wants and needs gets shaky.  If you are selling your home, it's important to understand that men and women look for different things when they want to buy a house. Our REALTORS® have dealt with different individuals looking to buy a home and have found some common differences.

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Home Sale

When you finally get that offer and start to move towards closing, you get excited. As a seller, this is your ultimate goal - to get an offer and finally close on the sale. Yet accepting the offer and getting a contract on the house doesn't mean the sale is official, and there are still things that can go wrong that leave you out to dry. Here are some tips from our local REALTORS® that can help prevent your home sale from falling apart.

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High Return on Investment
As you are considering the improvements and updates you can do around your home, you often focus on things inside the home that will improve its function and value. These are great ideas, but if you only focus on the interior, you aren't going to be able to sell your home quickly and for a good price. Why? Because people who don't see an attractive exterior will just drive right on by your home. So if you're going to focus on the home's exterior, where should you focus? While landscaping and flower gardens are nice, the first and most important place to focus your efforts is on the lawn.

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Sellers Avoid These 5 Turnoffs When Selling Your Home

5 Things that Sabotage a Home Sale

When you're selling your home there are certain things that will immediately make a home buyer walk away from your home. Our team at Remerica Hometown III has created this list of five pet peeves that can sabotage your home sale.  The good news is most of these are easy to fix without spending a ton of money. 

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Why Hire a Pro
Selling your home can be a very stressful process and it's one many people don't like doing on their own. REALTORS® are professionals who can help you not only make a sale, but also increase the amount you earn on it. When looking for a REALTOR®, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few reasons to hire a professional real estate agent and tips on how to find the right one to help you sell your home.

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Preinspection Selling Home
Many people know about getting a home inspection when you buy a home, but how about getting one before selling your home? You may be asking yourself, Why would I do that? The answer is very simple: You do it because you reveal what may show up in a buyer's home inspection.  It gives you the chance to head it off any issues, or you can give the information freely, giving potential buyers the information they want before their own inspection. After all, most buyers want to know what they're getting into and offering them the full picture up front gives them confidence in you as a seller. 

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Tips for Selling Your Canton MI Home


When you decide to sell a house for the first time, it's important to remember that given the current market, most potential buyers will be very savvy and quite particular about what they're looking for. Since you want to sell the house as quickly and for as much money as possible, you need to be prepared to invest some time and money into prepping it for the competitive Canton real estate market. 

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Why It Pays to Sell Your Home in the Winter

Sell your home in winter

Conventional wisdom has it that spring is the ideal time to sell a home, and judging by the way the market becomes flooded with homes as the weather warms, a lot of people agree with that notion. But while spring is certainly the most popular time to put a house up for sale, it's not necessarily the best. In fact, there are some pretty compelling reasons to sell your house in the winter rather than wait until spring.

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Curb Appeal Goes A Long Way When Selling Your House

10 Tips to Boost Curb Appeal

The inside of your home needs to shine for open house days and scheduled visits, but the outside is always on display when selling a house. When a potential buyer makes their first visit, the curb appeal of your home goes a long way toward forming a lasting, positive first impression. Curb appeal is also a great way to catch the attention of anyone passing by who notices your "for sale" sign, and needs incentive to stop for a closer look.

The best part? You don't have to break the bank to boost curb appeal. The team at Remerica Hometown III has you covered, with 10 easy, affordable tips to boost your home's curb appeal.

Follow Our 10 Proven Tips to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

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