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First-time home buyer's guide

Buying your first home is one of life's biggest joys; however, it can be filled with its share of anxieties too.  Not to worry, our team of real estate agents at Remerica Hometown III have compiled this list of tips to answer any home-buying questions you might have. 

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Tips for Buying a Home You Will Love for the Long Haul

How to find a home you'll love

Relocating isn't something anyone wants to do any more than they absolutely necessary. The best way to ensure you don't find yourself packing up your life and moving into a new home just a short time after your first home purchase is to follow these simple steps our team of REALTORS® has created for you.

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Buying a House in Garden City

Buy a House in Garden City MI
Buying a home in one of Detroit's suburbs is the perfect way to experience the hustle and bustle of a city while enjoying the peace and quiet of a smaller community. Located just 16 short miles down Ford Road, homes in Garden City are an easy commute to any point in the city.

Garden City has a healthy mix of cottages, bungalows, and ranch style homes. It also features some of the area's most beautiful craftsman homes whose exterior features are some of the most appealing eye candy you will ever see. From north to south, the city is full of comfortably sized properties that are ideal for first time homebuyers, single parents, young professionals, and retirees.

Homeowners in Garden City take great pride in their properties and spend a considerable amount of time making sure their homes and yards look their very best. This dedication is having a considerable impact on property values. In September 2015, the average home sales price rose 22.7 percent and had a listing price of just under $85,000. Today, the median listing price is $100,000 with a median closing price of $81,000. So, it's clear that the market is ready for growth and it's only a matter of time before sales prices catch up with the perceived value of homes within the area. With property values increasing and interest rates still low, there's no question that now is the ideal time to get into a home that will put a solid foundation beneath your financial future.

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Everything You Need to Know about Homes for Sale in Westland, MI

Buying a house Westland MI

Westland, MI has been dubbed an "All American City" and for good reason.  It is considered by many as the perfect place to buy a house and raise a family.  About 84,000 people call Westland home.   

With a median housing price of $105,000, buying one of the homes for sale in Westland makes the dream of affordable realty a reality.  Located in Wayne County just a few miles between the hustle and bustle of Dearborn and Detroit, Westland offers a healthy mix of housing options in culturally diverse neighborhoods.  You'll be able to choose from lower-priced homes for sale to upscale residences.

Nearly one-third of households have children under the age of 18. In fact, it is a young city with the median age of 38 years old. 

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Buying a house Northville MI

Have you been searching for a beautiful city where past and present are seamless parts of everyday life? Northville, MI bills itself as the "Historically Distinctive" city of southeastern Michigan, and it's much more than just a nice advertising slogan. This is a place where historic architecture and gorgeous new homes stand side-by-side, with a fun, well-developed downtown, and more than enough entertainment to keep the whole family busy. It's also a great place to work, with high home values, strong income numbers, and a commitment to continued development in the future.

Our team of REALTORS® at Remerica Hometown III has experienced the best of Northville, MI, and we've put together a handy guide to introduce you to this wonderful little city.

Meet the Community of Northville, MI

Northville is home to just over 6,000 residents, and the city is mostly spread through Oakland County, with a smaller section in Wayne County. It's considered a suburb of the Detroit Metro area, and is also a short drive from Ann Arbor. Residents of Northville enjoy very strong average income numbers and home values, which both exceed Michigan averages by a wide margin. Mix in a cost of living that's about 10 percent below national averages, and you can see that Northville is an affordable city that also offers excellent earning potential. It's also a city with an exceptionally low crime rate.

Enjoy the Past and Present with Entertainment in Northville, MI

There's plenty to do in Northville, but there's no doubt that the city's downtown is at the center of the action. Historic Downtown Northville is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon of shopping, dining, and seeing the sights. If you love taking in a show, you'll feel right at home in Northville's theaters and music venues. You'll also find a farmer's market stocked with fresh produce, plenty of special outdoor events, and a Town Square loaded with excellent outdoor dining options. Big-time sports are also just a short drive away, whether you take in a Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings or Lions pro game in Detroit, or head to Ann Arbor for the best college football atmosphere in the country.

The Thriving Employment Market in Northville, MI

Northville's median household income of over $87,000 is almost $40,000 higher than the state average, and those impressive numbers hold true when you zoom in on local career opportunities. Nearly 60 percent of Northville adults hold at least a bachelor's degree, so it's no surprise that healthcare, professional services, finance, and management are among the most popular employment options in the area. The excellent reputation of Northville schools wouldn't be possible without passionate educators and administrators, so this is also a great place to work for anyone with a background in education.

Strong Schools, Bright Futures in Northville, MI

If you've been searching for the perfect place to raise a family, Northville's school system should put the city at the top of your list. The Northville Public Schools district includes a total of 10 schools, from early childhood education through grade 12. Northville's schools earn strong ratings across the board, with Northville High School leading the way. The district also does a great job of integrating digital tools, to prepare students for today's connected employment world. With Detroit and Ann Arbor so close by, your children will also have plenty of great college options.

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Northville is a truly special city, and it only seems to get better with time. Contact the team at Remerica Hometown III for everything you need to shop for homes in Northville, MI.


Livonia - Small Town Community with Big City Convenience

Living in Livonia MI
Livonia, MI is situated on the outskirts of Detroit near Novi, Canton, and Ann Arbor. The city prides itself on being a small-town community with the convenience of a big city. Livonia's friendly and welcoming atmosphere makes it an excellent option for raising a family, as well as its resources and support.

If you are starting a search for homes for sale in Livonia, here are eight reasons why moving there is a great idea:

1. Livonia has an Affordable Cost of Living 

Livonia's cost of living is markedly lower than the national average, as is its unemployment rate. This means residents can find jobs, and their dollar goes a long way. Housing prices are also attainable for many young families. The ability to buy is ideal for those who want to place their roots in a thriving community with wonderful opportunities for children and families. Livonia also has the lowest taxes in Wayne County.

2. Livonia has a Strong Education System

Livonia, Michigan has both public and private schools that earn top marks. Students are the focal point, and many extracurricular activities are available. Some of the top schools include Cass Elementary School, Hoover Elementary School, and Stevenson High School. Altogether, Livonia has over 50+ schools, which span all the way from preschool to college.

3. Livonia is a Safe Place to Live

Livonia's crime index is very low. It's a place you can feel safe to raise you kids. Neighbors look out for each other, and Livonia's rating has been consistently great.

4. Livonia Provides Residents with many Recreational Options

The only other city in Michigan with more parks than Livonia is Detroit, which is only a short drive away. Those living in the community have the ability to walk minutes to find parks, nature preserves, community centers, or walking trails. Some of the highlights in the area are winter skating at Newburgh Lake, the phenomenal, state-of-the-art Livonia Recreation Center, and Bicentennial Park/Fox Creek Golf Course. Overall, Livonia has over 1,389 acres of land dedicated to the outdoors, which feature volleyball courts, tennis courts, golf courses, playgrounds, trails, a skate park, and more.

5. Livonia has Great Neighborhoods

Livonia's neighborhoods are tree-lined, close-knit, and idyllic. If you've dreamed of block parties and fall picnics, Livonia fits the bill.

6. The City of Livonia Boasts Top-Notch Services

The City of Livonia works to make it easy for residents to find answers to their questions, pay their bills, and find out what's happening in the city. The Livonia website offers well-though-out information on everything from living green to a comprehensive community calendar. They have all the FAQs, forms, and portals you need to be a resident of the city.

7. Livonia has Community Spirit

From a Take Pride in Livonia Day to the holiday parades, Livonia possesses strong community spirit. There are many ways to be a part of the community, and you can do things like attend events, volunteer at one of the centers, participate in cleanup days, or gather to watch a little league game.

8. Things to Do in Livonia

You won't lack for things to do in Livonia. You have events and parks, attractions and community involvement. You're also centrally located to cities with further offerings. Detroit is 25 minutes away, and has a rich art, music, and cultural scene. Ann Arbor also has museums, gardens, and theaters.

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If you are looking for the perfect place to raise your family in Michigan, Livonia is hard to beat. If you're ready to start the search for your dream home, contact Remerica Hometown III today.


What Home Buyers Want in 2016

Selling a House 2016

Cleaning, organizing, and staging aren't the only steps to take these days when you sell a house. In this fast-paced world, buyers are searching for specific features to lure them into making an offer. Buyers want convenience, and the right amenities. If you're looking to list your home in 2016, here is our list of 10 features buyers want to see.

1. Updated Kitchens and Baths – Most people want modern spaces, but it is especially important for homebuyers in 2016. Rather than the potential of how great a kitchen or bath could be, they want the updates and renovations already incorporated. It lets them spend that money on down payments and furnishings instead of remodels. The key to a good update is choices that appeal to a wide variety of people, even if it's not necessarily your taste.

2. Clean and Healthy Home Systems – Today's buyers are conscious about water and allergens. A whole house water filtration system is a big draw. Other features people like are mudrooms so you can avoid tracking in environmental pollutants, Quartz counters which have antibacterial properties, and flooring and fabrics that don't trap dust and dirt.

3. Open Living Spaces – Both designers and realtors are on board with the open floor plan. When kitchens open into family rooms or living rooms, it holds great appeal. People want family-friendly spaces with plenty of storage. If you make it so the flow includes the outdoors, even better. People want outdoor living spaces to become an extension of their indoor family areas.

4. Softer Palettes and Materials that Soften Stark Modern – Clean, simple, flow, function are all buzzwords in the real estate market. That said, people are trending away from sharp, severe modern. Soften spaces with natural materials, rustic touches, and soft, layered color palettes. It's all about tranquility and a welcoming vibe.

5. Sustainability Features – If you're house is equipped with features that are sustainable and green, buyers will most likely shift it toward the top of their list. Some of the things people are looking for are drought-resistant landscaping, water-saving fixtures, LED lighting, recycled and reclaimed finishes, and energy-efficient heating/cooling systems.

6. Home Office – Telecommuting has become very popular, whether it's done one day per week or all five. A well-planned home office is a big bonus for many buyers.

7. Technology – Can your home control its heat from an app? Does your oven communicate with your phone? Any trendy technology features you can add are a wise investment. Home buyers like smart homes with charging drawers and access points.

8. Low-Maintenance Residences – Time spent on career, playing, and hobbies are the priorities. If a home possesses a large expanse of grass that will require frequent mowing, you may lose out on millennial buyers. Younger homeowners are looking for low-maintenance finishes and selections that will free up their time for their priority endeavors.

9. Luxury Touches – A unique feature becomes a big focal point for home buyers. Offering a couple luxury additions is helpful. Some of the hottest items are outdoor showers, walk-in pantries, or an adult-style tree house.

10. Multi-generational Spaces and Dwellings –The price of todays homes in cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and New York are gasp-worthy—and other cities face the same issue. Prices—along with busier lifestyles—have drawn families back together. Mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, the kids and grandkids, are moving back in together. Homes with MIL spaces or a second dwelling are highly sought after.

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When you're looking for expert real estate advice about buying and selling a home in the local Canton, MI real estate area,  contact our team of REALTORS® at Remerica Hometown 3.


The Crossroads Where Dreams Come True

Farmington MI Downtown

Known as The Crossroads Where Dreams Come True, Farmington, Michigan is a beautiful, family-friendly suburb located on the northern outskirts of Detroit. This affluent bedroom community continually attracts families and professionals. With a vibrant downtown corridor, family-friendly community events, well-rated schools and beautiful, well-kept homes, it is easy to see why Farmington, MI was named one of's Best Places to Live in 2007 and 2013.


Explore Historic Downtown

Visitors often flock to Farmington for a stroll down its historic downtown corridor. Named to the National Historic Register in 1976, Downtown Farmington includes the beautiful shops and restaurants lining Grand River Avenue. In 2009, the downtown neighborhood began an extensive renovation, designed to make it the go-to area for entertainment in town. Many of the town's original brick buildings were refaced and rebuilt, giving the town the same stately charm echoed by its iconic Victorian homes.

Farmington Civic Theater

Today, Downtown Farmington is home to more than 160 businesses, including a number of unique, specialty boutiques. Take a Saturday stroll along Grand River Avenue and surrounding streets to discover some of Farmington's more iconic attractions. The Winery Building, and the Farmington Winter Market. Discover a new culture at the World Wide Center. Soak up the sun at Riley Park or take in a show with a side of nostalgia at the Farmington Civic Theater.

Attend a Community Event

In addition to plenty of places to explore and shop along the Grand, Downtown Farmington is also the town's go-to spot for community events. Farmington truly wants to bring back the kinds of community where people not only know their neighbors but enjoy spending time together. Join fellow Farmington residents for events hosted by Downtown Farmington throughout the year. Some community favorites include:

Farmington Art on the Grand

Art on the Grand: Held each June, this street festival features the work of artists from all over the United States. You may just find a beautiful new piece for your home.

Farmington Rhythmz in Riley Park

Rhythmz in Riley Park: From June through August, Friday nights mean free music in Farmington. Join your neighbors for a variety of free concerts in the park.

Farmington MI Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Celebration: Celebrate the autumn season at the two-day community festival. Drink craft beers, sample dishes from local restaurants and generally enjoy autumn in Michigan.

Holly Days: Experience the magic of the holidays with the month long Holly Days event. Bring the kids to see Santa and stay for free, family movies. Sip hot chocolate while you do your holiday shopping. Come by to simply soak up the holiday joy.

Show Your School Pride

In addition to its beautiful neighborhoods and excellent community amenities, Farmington, MI is also an excellent place to raise a family. Farmington residents show great confidence and pride in Farmington Public Schools. Serving Farmington and the surrounding Farmington Hills community, Farmington Public Schools regularly rank as one of Michigan's top public school systems.

Discover the Home of Your Dreams

Farmington's elegant Victorian-style homes only add to the town's quintessential charm. In addition to these iconic, grand homes, Farmington offers something for everyone. This lush suburban community features a variety of homes, including stately family homes, quaint cottages and luxurious downtown apartments.

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For many, buying a new home is the pinnacle of the American Dream. There is no better place to find your American dream than Farmington, the community where dreams come to live. Contact the expert real estate agents at Remerica Hometown III today to find your perfect Farmington, MI home today.


Why Buying a House Now is a Good Idea

Buying a house is a big decision, and timing is important.  Personal finances, the state of the economy, interest rates, and a host of individual factors all play into the decision. While the individual factors vary from person to person, we can take some strong hints about the best time to buy a home based on the big-picture economic factors that influence all home buyers. And right now, the market is looking quite favorable for anyone who's ready to start the journey of home-ownership.

Our team at Remerica Hometown 3 has put together our four top reasons why now is a great time for anyone interested in buying a house. We think you'll like what you see.

4 Reasons Why This Is the Perfect Time to Become a Homeowner

When you buy a house, it's not just a financial decision. It's a personal choice, too, so don't be afraid to factor your own preferences into the equation. The economic factors are trending in a positive direction, so this is an excellent time to get serious about buying a house.

  1. Low Interest Rates – Let's lead off with the big one. The US economy has rebounded nicely over the last couple years, but mortgage interest rates are still at historically low levels. That's great news for anyone who's interested in buying a house. The current rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage is at 4.11 percent, and now is the time to do your shopping before interest rates begin to climb again.
  2. Begin Building Equity – Buying a house is a financial expense, but it's also a big investment in your future. You begin building equity the moment you purchase your home and begin making mortgage payments. As your principal sinks, your equity grows. So your home also provides a financial foundation from which to build. Mix in low interest rates, and this is a great time to start building equity.
  3. Take Advantage of Tax Breaks – One of the hidden benefits of owning a home is the many ways in which it can lighten your tax bill. The biggest break comes from paying down interest on mortgage payments. For loans less than $1,000,000, interest payments are totally tax deductible. And if you ever decide to sell your home, you will be able to claim significant tax benefits as you move through that process, as well.
  4. Rent Is on the Rise – Rent prices have long been on the rise in the US, especially if you live in a city, and income numbers are not keeping pace. And even when rent prices are low, a rent payment does not build any equity. Many people would prefer to switch from renting to owning, but aren't sure how. Locking in a low mortgage rate to purchase a home is a great place to start.

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Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions that most people make, and the economic conditions are currently looking strong for anyone in the home-buying market. Why not say goodbye to renting, and hello to your new home? For help finding the perfect home in Michigan, contact Remerica Hometown 3.